Workshop Behavioral Innovation

Workshop Behavioral Innovation

3 specialists together for a workshop about Behavioral Innovation in Paris

November 17, three experts will debate this important theme, which is so important for the 21st Century. In a fast transforming world, the ability to adapt and to innovate is more important than ever for your professional development. During this event, DeROSE Changemakers brings together an associate professor of innovation and entrepreneurship from the Sorbonne, a DeROSE Method professor, specialized in innovation and strategy and a neuroscientist, who for years has been studying behavioral change in this area.
This is a dynamic format, the speakers will present their points of view on the subject in 20 minutes each, and afterwards they will open to a round table debate, with the opportunity for participants to ask or send-in questions.
The event will be in English, with a simultaneous translation into French and Portuguese and will be transmitted online. For more information and to enroll, follow this link.

About the speakers:

Professor Jean-Cristophe PIC is an associate professor from the Sorbonne University in Paris, with a specialization in business models and planning, innovation and entrepreneurship. He is also the director for the Celsa Sorbonne Masters program in innovation and entrepreneurship.
Professor Fabiano Gomes holds a MBA in management, strategy and innovation from the University of Poitiers e UNISINOS. He is the founder of a school for personal development in Porto Alegre, Brasil.
Doctor Renata Coura has lived in Paris since 2008. She is a post-doctoral fellow in Neuroscience and is the founder of “Neurotélos”. She has been a DeROSE Method entrepreneur for more than 10 years. This has led her to in-depth studies of themes such as the neurobiology of decision making, cognition, human behavior and social interaction. We are proud that she teaches to various faculties and has been a TED speaker.

Picture of Renata Coura

Renata Coura

Pendant mes 20 ans de carrière scientifique, dont 12 ans dans le domaine des neurosciences, je me suis surtout intéressée au comportement, à l’interaction sociale et à la conscience.